Our Values

Out of winter and into the glory of spring, it is time for you to blossom brighter than ever before. Blossom Festival is a celebration of art and community which is continually growing together through love and respect. This is a collaboration where we create the world we live in and it is our actions and interactions that guide us to an extraordinary place of creativity – inspiring you to achieve greater than ever before.

The core values of Blossom Festival are held dear as we believe that they are essential & cohesive to a transformative experience. If everyone in our community were to adopt these values we are all one step closer to experiencing the peace we are all looking for.



Interaction with each other through active participation in our community is essential to experiencing the magic at Blossom Festival. Whether that be participating with the scheduled events, making new friends, helping out your neighbour set up their camp, smiling at a stranger across the dancefloor or creating your own special experience for others to enjoy.

In order to Interact you need to be immediate. Live in the moment, do what your gut tells you to and be the person you wish to be in that space in time. Dance like nobody’s looking and dance like you have never danced before.

Our community survives off of our participants providing an active roll and uphold their civic responsibility. We are all here to have a good time, but we all want to go home safe, healthy and happy. Look out for each other, speak up if you see something not quite right, but show respect to your fellow festival goers. You should not be ashamed to have an adult discussion about what you see and feel. Approach your interaction with love and we will all be better off.


A thriving community is based on Respect. At Blossom Festival we encourage and promote, Respect for yourself and your fellow festival goers. Respect for everybodies individuality. Respect for the land that we are blessed to be gathering and sharing magic on, and Respect for the traditional custodians of the land and their culture.

Our festival relies on a Leave No Trace Policy which requires all in attendance to leave the festival as it was when they arrived. Leave No Trace is up to everybody, not just to do your bit, but to assure that everyone else is doing their bit also. We understand that sometimes in the heat and excitement of the moment, someone may drop a can or cigarette butt on the ground without thinking. If you witness this, please kindly remind them of our Leave No Trace Policy. If you find Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) please pick it up and take it with you.

We are very blessed to have members of the local Aboriginal community, the Wiilman Noongar people, attending the festival and providing a Welcome To Country and performing a smoking ceremony on Saturday. We encourage all festival goers to attend and celebrate the Aboriginal culture with us.


We at Blossom believe Love is the answer. Simply Love yourself and Love your neighbour. We all gather here to share our Love for art, culture and each other. In order to Love, we must also practice Respect. If we have Respect, we can Love everyone for who they are and Love yourself for who you are. Celebrating together with Love will bring true happiness and grow a strong community, making everyday unforgettable.


This is a space to show your true colours and express yourself in the way your soul is telling you to. We love creativity in art and personality. Harnessing power of the creative mind to innovate and bring us all together, pushes us all forward in ways we never knew how. The power of creativity is unmeasurable but so incredibly essential to our way of life.

Be bold, be brave, be yourself.