Arrival & Departure

Festival Dates

The festival will run from 26 to 28 September 2020. Gates will open at 8:00am on 26 September.

NOTE: The above details are subject to change following changes to COVID-19 restrictions, please be sure to check back before the event to be sure you have the most up to date information.


We ask that everyone leaves the festival grounds by 12:00pm on 28 September, however, the absolute latest you can leave the festival grounds is 4:00pm on 28 September. Please plan your journey home so that we can all arrive home safely. Make sure that you have enough rest and arrange for someone to be your designated driver. Monday is available for you to take your time to pack up your camp and assure you have had enough sleep and rest to drive home.

Directions / Location

Blossom Festival is located in the South West Region of Western Australia within the Shire of Boddington, approximately 1.5 hours drive from Perth. The exact location of the festival will be revealed the week before the event and will be sent via email to all ticket holders.

Gate Open / Close Hours

The gates will open at 8am on 26 September. Gates will close for entry to the festival at 6pm on 27 September, exit will still be permitted at this time.

Gates will also be closed in the early hours of the morning to discourage vehicle movements through the site at these hours and to encourage safe driving.

Gates will be closed each night as follows:

Sunday 27 September (Saturday night) – 12am to 7am

Sunday 27-28 September (Sunday night) – 6pm to 7am

Please do not arrive to the festival between the hours that the gates are closed. Should you need to leave the event due to an emergency whilst gates are closed, you will need to contact event staff of assistance. Event staff will attend to you on a case by case basis, and will assist you to leave the event based on their availability and priorities.


NOTE: The above details are subject to change following changes to COVID-19 restrictions, please be sure to check back before the event to be sure you have the most up to date information.

Camping & Preparation

What Do I Bring?

Blossom Festival is a camping event so you will be required to bring everything that you need to stay comfortable over the duration of your stay. Blossom Festival will provide drinking water and toilet facilities, however, it is also advised to bring backup supplies to save you the journey.

Some of the items that we recommend bringing are as follows:
Warm cloths
Closed-in footwear
Sleeping bag
Toilet paper (for backup)
Drinking Water (allow minimum 2L per day per person)
Food & Snacks
Esky / Cooler with Ice (block ice recommended to last the weekend)
Torch / Head Torch
Camping chair
Shade for camp
Medications / Pain Killers
Basic First Aid Kit
Earplugs (personal preference)

What Don't I Bring?

We expect that everyone use common sense when deciding what to bring to the festival. Your vehicle may be searched on entry and any prohibited items will be confiscated and will need to be collected at the end of the event. If we find anything illegal or what we believe may cause harm to others, you will be referred to the Police.

The following items are prohibited at the event:
Illicit drugs
Weapons (of any sort)
Drug paraphernalia
Any Glass
Fireworks / Explosives
Open flame gas cookers
Burn barrels & fire wood

Camping Arrangements

There will be a designated camping area which you will be directed to on arrival. We ask that you follow the instructions of the festival staff, as they direct you to your camping area. We appreciate that people like to camp with their friends and not everyone will arrive at the same time. However, should camping space fill up, you may be directed to a different area. Please be mindful of others when securing the space you require for your campsite and be prepared for others to camp with or near you if spaces begin to fill up.

The camping area is demarcated with an internal road system. All camping must be within the designated areas and the internal road system shall not be blocked or obstructed at any time. Your vehicle may be removed at your cost if found to be causing an obstruction.


Caravans are permitted onsite. However, there are no grey water dumping facilities onsite and campsite are unpowered.


Generators are not permitted in the camping area. Camping will be tight and generators will be disruptive to your neighbours, not just with noise, but also with fumes.

Is there accommodation for hire onsite?

There will be no accommodation to hire/rent onsite. You will need to bring whatever camping equipment you need to be comfortable for the duration of the festival.

Can I bring my own sound system to the festival?

Small sound systems for person use at your campsite (such as a portable bluetooth speaker) are permitted, however amplified sound in the camping area will not be allowed. Having amplified sound in the camping area will be disruptive to other campers seeking quiet or trying to rest. We will have two amazing stages of music in operation throughout the event as well as a chill stage. We recommend you stick to these areas if you what to dance to loud music.

Cooking & Food

You are permitted to bring your own food to the event. However, there will be serval delicious food vendors at the event providing a variety of options. Due to safety concerns we will not be allowing open flame cookers in the camping area. Special consideration may be given on a case by case basis for cookers fixed into vehicles, campervans and caravans. Gas cookers found by festival staff may be confiscated, which will require you to retrieve it from Blossom HQ before you leave the event.


You are permitted to bring a reasonable amount of alcohol with you to the event. As an active member of our community it is our expectation that you are responsible with your alcohol consumption. Look out for yourself and your friends. Glass is strictly forbidden from the site. Make sure you transfer all you alcohol from glass bottles into different containers before entering the festival site. All glass found by security will be confiscated and will need to be collected at the end of the event.

We ask that all attendees drive safe and do not drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Plan your journey, assure your are well rested before driving or arrange a designated driver. Abstain from drinking alcohol during the day/night before you drive home.


There will be no glass allowed to enter the festival site. This is to show respect for the land and the use of the property outside of the festival. Broken glass can shatter and cause injury and damage to property.


In the interest of public safety you will not be permitted to make your own fires. Burn barrels and firewood found by event staff will be confiscated. Anyone found lighting fires will be ejected from the event and may be referred to police should event staff deem necessary.

General Festival Info

What is the Festival Vibe? / Our Values

Our festival is based on our four core values of Respect, Love, Interaction and Creativity. For more information on our core values, please refer to Our Values page


We have been working with Police in order to bring you a safe event. Police may be on patrol throughout the festival and through the festival grounds. It is the responsibility of all festival goers to abide by the law. Attendees shall anticipate Police running normal Police operations such as highway patrols and random breath/drug testing. We ask that all attendees drive safe and do not drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Plan your journey, assure your are well rested before driving or arrange a designated driver, abstain from drinking alcohol during the day/night before you drive home.

First Aid

First Aid will be available onsite at our first aid station. Refer to the event map, released closer to the date of the festival, for the location of the First Aid station. It is always recommended that you bring your own first aid kit in case of minor injury. Being self sufficient in your personal first aid frees our resources for managing more serious incidents should they occur.


Pets will not be permitted at the festival. Seeing eye dogs will be allowed at the event.


There will be no ATMs onsite. It is recommended to bring all the cash you require for the weekend. This includes purchasing food from our food vendors and buying items from the market stalls.


We strongly encourage participation from our community in all forms. There are several official means to participate at our event. More information is available through our Participation page. Please be mindful of application dates as these may change due to the number of applications submitted. Please also be aware that not everyone who applies will be selected to participate in an official capacity, however, we still encourage you to bring what you can to the event and participate in your best way possible. As our event grows there will be many more opportunities in the future.

Mobile Phone Reception

Mobile phone reception onsite can be patchy, we suggest you prepare to have poor to no signal during the event. Make sure you you let your friends and family know where you will be for the duration you are at the festival. In the case of emergency, please see event staff who are wearing the official event staff clothing or head to our information station (Blossom HQ), which will be identified on the event map provided closer to the event.


Passouts will be permitted throughout the event. Patrons may be searched again on entry should event staff deem necessary. Passouts will be permitted in accordance with our gate operation times, as described in above on the Gate Open / Close Hours tab.

Vehicles Onsite

Movement of vehicles onsite is not permitted. If you are found moving your vehicle through the festival grounds you will be stopped immediately by festival staff. Vehicles movements shall only be permitted on arrival to your campsite and on departure. During these time vehicles shall remain on the designated roads and drivers shall follow all instructions from events staff.

Professional Photography & Video

There is to be no professional photography or video to be taken by patrons during the event unless written authorisation has been received by Blossom Festival. Any professional photography or videos captured during the event shall become the property of Blossom Festival. By entering the event you consent to allowing the use of your image by Blossom Festival for promotional purposes.

What Does My Ticket Price Cover?

Once you enter the gates at Blossom Festival everything including all workshops and presentations is included in your ticket price. You will however need to bring enough cash to purchase food from our vendors or to buy anything from the market stalls.

What are Blossom Rangers?

We are very proud of our Blossom Rangers. The Ranger system is based around the tried and tested systems used on Black Rock City (ie Burning Man). Blossom Rangers are members of our community, just like you, who volunteer their time to patrol the festival looking out for your safety and are able to assist in any issues which you may have. Blossom Rangers are friendly, approachable and always up for a chat. We encourage you to seek assistance from Blossom Rangers in the first instance, they are trained to deal with pretty much everything that could get thrown their way or can help you gain the professional assistance you need.


Blossom Festival is family-friendly, however, we advise that all children under the age of 18 are strictly supervised by their parents or guardians at all times. Parents and guardians shall consider the risks which are present at the event, mainly loud music and the onsite dam before making the decision to bring their children to the event.
Any children caught underage drinking will be returned to their parents and the family will be asked to leave immediately.
All children over the age of 12 will require a full priced ticket.

Buying Tickets

Tickets for this years event go on sale on at 12pm on 6 August 2020.

Tickets are limited to 500 this year and once sold out, there will be no more tickets available.

Tickets will be available at the gate, unless the event reaches capacity. Please keep an eye on the Facebook event page and this FAQ page for information regarding ticket availability on the gate. Gate sales will only accept cash, so please be sure to bring enough cash with you.

We strongly recommend that you do not buy tickets from people off the internet. There has been an increase in cases of fake tickets being sold in Western Australia for various events in recent times. Blossom Festival has in place a resale program through Tixel (https://tixel.com/au/). We recommend all people buying and selling tickets use Tixel. Blossom Festival will be deleting any posts on our event page selling tickets which are not through the offical Tixel website.

Never pay more than the price shown on the ticket. All our ticket prices include all fees and taxes.

In the first instance we recommend buying your ticket through our official ticket agent Megatix or through  our website.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket to the festival you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. 

Please follow this link to find our complete  Terms & Conditions

These conditions are also available through the ticketing website when purchasing tickets

More Questions?

If your question has not been answered here, please go to our Contact Us  tab and send us your questions. Please be patient and we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as we can.