The Lifestyle Village

The Lifestyle Village forms part of the soul of Blossom Festival. Our Village is a place to seek connection with the Blossom community. Whether that be participation in various inspirational workshops, yoga and meditation, browsing the market stalls or simply relaxing and connecting in our Chill Space.

When you’re hungry, the Village is the place to go to find some delicious food from some of Western Australia’s finest food vendors.


We are pleased to announce that we will be working with the experienced team from Bending Rules, who will be curating and coordinating our program for the Lifestyle Village this year.

Bending Rules is the lovechild of Zsuzsa Octaviano & Ben Weirheim, focused on producing and facilitating special events surrounding [Kundalini] Yoga, meditation, dance and conscious, hi-calibre living. Their vision is to continue to cultivate empowered, healthy and inclusive community via the motto ‘your place, your power, your possibilities’ – assertive action to elevate mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. While embracing all positive aspects of humanity, consider the vibe friendly and welcoming, with a sprinkling of badass.

Some words from the Bending Rules team:
“We look forward to you joining us at this year’s Lifestyle Village to take part in what will be a carefully selected showcase of unique and diverse presenters offering you workshops, presentations and immersions to plant you into the worlds of all things wellness, lifestyle and spirituality.
Live long, prosper and big love!
Ben & Zsuzsa.”

If you feel you have something to offer the Lifestyle Village, whether it be a presentation workshop, class or something else, we welcome you to apply via:
Blossom Festival Application – Lifestyle Village / Workshops

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

More information including the full program of workshops will be released closer to the festival date.


Who & What Description
Experential Hula-Hooping, Yoga
& Medi.
Jaxx – Hoops’n’Dreams
Here’s some fun! Join the vivacious Jaxx for an hour
and a bit of hula hooping, bust some yoga moves and
invoke your inner Buddha with a meditation to
nourish for the mind body and spirit.
Oneness in Nature.
Claire Vanderplank
Exploring shamanic perspective on Oneness, with
Nature as the ultimate teacher and temple.
Discover core principles of spiritual cultivation in
nature and dive into simple yet effective practices
to deepen the connection with inner, outer and
ultimately True Nature. Learn how Vision
Questing is used to align oneself with true purpose
in this lifetime.
Wild Grace – the Journey.
Aimee Hamilton
Taster workshop introducing Elemental Alchemy
– utilising the WildGrace method – a practice
which connects us back to our roots, our physical
body and the land that we walk on. We’re not
trying to ascend through practices that transcend
the physical body – the teachings of Wildgrace
advocates for the descent of grace into the body, by
teaching emotional alchemy and embodiment.
Each class is offered through embodiment practices
– ensuring the offerings are what is needed by the
Breath-work & Yin Yoga
Rickie Russell
Mariee Walsh
Mindful meditation to allow guests to go within
and be present before journeying with the breathe.
Deep belly, chest, head breath-work to revive the
body back into presence. Charge up the body with
Prana to release and allow the guests to drop
deeper into their yin yoga flow.
Deep House Yoga Wakeup!
Marie Burns & DJ Burnsey
We’re thrilled to be bringing together some of our
favourite things, Music, Yoga and good times!
Wake up on the right side of the bed and come on
down for a fix of funky deep house as we move
through raising our vibe together on our mats (or
towel if you don’t have one!). Shakti Marie will be
guiding through an energetic Vinyasa flow shaking
to enliven you along with a live her Shiva man
Burnsey DJ-ing live fo’ yo’ inner dancefloor.
Everybody and all levels welcome to join us, don’t
be shy now!
Think Yourself Well
Lisa Pope
Have you ever felt sooo unwell, you thought you’d
never feel well again? Ever got ‘help’ and ended up
not feeling better? What if there was another way,
like choosing to create a life where you’re in
control, where you decide how you’ll heal, where
you create your level of ‘wellness’ not only in your
health, but in your relationships, wealth and
greater life? Empower yourself by discovering my
5 step method and create a life of health and
harmony. Disclaimer: Lisa isn’t a medical
practitioner and the information being presenting is
not medical advice.
The Healing Power of your Voice
Marion Stietel
Sing your heart out with Mantras and help yourself
to reaching bliss – Sat Chit Ananda! To clear the way
beforehand, howling our despair and pain out and
rebalancing our chakras with specific quirky sounds.
An active workshop for courageous and curious souls
ready to explore the amazing power of their voice.
PS: Everybody can sing. 20 people max for this
workshop, so first in, first served!
Using the Breath to Improve your
Meditation and Life.
Katie Jane Greengrass
The philosophy, history and defining Pranayama and
the underlying techniques as described in various
Hatha Yoga Texts. Participants experience 4 – 5
different styles of Pranayama and write down their
experience each time. Each style of PY is followed by
a short meditation to experience the immediate
effects. Completes with sharing opportunity
Love & Power Profiling
Dr. Simon Martin
HeartSchool teaches a ‘second awareness’, of how to
tune in and listen to the language of your heart, so
choices can be informed by the mind, body and heart
in unison. Simon and his lovely partner take you
through the HeartSchool model, then show you in
your own body how the heart locks. And the influence
this has on your relationship choices, so you walk away
with more love and power.
Circles of Connection
Community Drum Circle
Carolyne Forte
Come together in community and learn how to play
the djembe, master several rhythms and participate in
a drum circle of percussive rhythm, music and
celebrate music making in the moment! This
experiential experience is inclusive to people of all
ages, abilities and backgrounds and you’ll be warmly
The Third Mind
Contact Improvisation
Rose Leighton
This super fun workshop will take your through the
potential of getting out of your individual mind and
into the collaborative space of presence. Rose will take
you through embodied exercises and practices to take
you out of the everyday mind and into the wisdom of
the body via the creativity of improvised, shared
Awaken to Sound
Marcia Smith
Join the lovely Marcia to nurture your heart and soul
in this deeply relaxing and meditative Gong Bath and
Sound Healing Journey. Perfect way to flick the reset
switch start your weekend. Go on, you deserve it!
An Archetypal Women’s Dance
Trudi Young
Loving Connections
Emotion is energy in motion. Emotion craves a healthy
release and form of expression. As we move our bodies
in a safe space, come to delve into the archetypes of you
as a Woman. The Lover, where we access our sensual
and playful nature. The Mother, where we are able to
understand through the eyes of unconditional love.
The Warrior, where we speak our truth and stand in
strength. The Priestess, where magic becomes an
embodiment. Finally, The Queen, where we are able
to be of service to our community from a space of
divine presence. Let us experience this unravelling
explorative dance together!
Words for Wellness
Sun-Mi Claire Clyburn
Join the lovely Sun-Mi in this creative writing
workshop that encourages people to utilise writing
(and specifically handwriting) to find their inner voice
and develop self-awareness and self-compassion that
helps you bring it into your greater life. The workshop
also explores how writing can be an effective tool for
managing emotional and mental health issues. Sun-Mi
is passionate about inspiring and empowering you to
own yourself without shame she’ll take you through
different techniques and personal experiences in this
nurturing and relaxed workshop.
Living Through the Breath
Ritika Purang
This practical workshop will connect you with the
philosophy and practices of various ancient breathing
exercises and pranayama techniques that have been
used by sages and prescribed in the ancient Vedic
texts. With her long-time passion for this work and
bringing others to greater peace and happiness, Rikita
will help you connect with and understand your
breath on a deeper level.
Osho’s Dynamic Meditation
Abby Branson
A transformational process to which helps release pent
up stress and energy stuck in the nervous system. A
safe space to allow whatever is alive in your to be
heard, felt and seen. This process consists of 5 steps,
which is designed in such a way that leaves you feeling
grounded, alive, energised and centred. It’s poweredup
euphoria time!
The Power of Play
Jae & Owen
The Power of Play is a pioneering workshop full of
soulful expression, cheeky humour and authentic
connection. Expect fresh games & activities around
improv comedy, trust building, dance and ecstatic
play! This workshop is for anyone and everyone
wanting to have a good laugh and try something new,
no experience needed!
Soul Flow Intimacy
Zsuzsa Octaviano
DJ Soph Matrika
In to Me I See Join Zsuzsa for a grounded and intimate
Vinyasa flow to nourishing your body and hearts to
the melodic and soul filling sounds of Soph on the
decks. Starting the day with intimacy with our bodies,
encourages greater expression and connection with
ourselves and others. Always poetic. Always
nurturing yet with the sweet balance of challenge to
elevate our presence. Beginner friendly!
Elevate: RECRE8
Zsuzsa & BenJi
A new Yoga and sound bath event. Our aim is for you
to experience a higher state of being in your walking
life. Astrologically, the New Moon in Libra is a
potent time to reset your alignment, set fresh
intentions and experience the potency of what we’re
offering. Join us for this potent Kundalini Yoga
power-up with choreographed DJ soundscape,
crystal singing bowl and vocal looping sound bath.
Beginner friendly and lightly approached.
Come bend your reality with us!
Tribal Dance + Sound Bath.

Kundalini Yoga for Inner

BenJi Weirheim

BenJi’s signature Tribal Dance is a visceral ‘trip
around the world’ of tribal sounds and deep inner
dance-floor exploration of embodying a Shamanic
‘power animal’ and your true self as you jump, flail and
carve yourself a hole in the ground to the atmospheric
and emotive sounds in the sundown twilight.

We all face various pressures in our day to day life –
now is the time to let go of them. This particular kriya
(set of yogic exercises) was formulated to be a
powerful and energetic way to tune-up the nervous
system and invigorate the mind. With a combo of
breath-work, physical postures, shaking, good ol’
dance action and a sublime relaxation at the end, your
mind, body and soul will thank you.
Suitable for everyone!

Communal Beatboxing, Rapping
& Vocal Looping.Soul Sonic Academy
Family-friendly vibe to ease into the weekend ahead.
This fun and interactive workshop is for kids big and
little. BenJi busts beats, sounds and raps into his
magnificent loop machine of mystery – rhymes
prompted by you! Come get wiggy-wiggy-wicked